About Me

Photography is one of my passions. It started back when I was in high school. Back then, there were no cellphones nor digital cameras and the only camera I could afford was a 12 or 24 photos disposable camera, and I had to make the best out of it. Eventually, I was able to buy a 32mm film SLR and got to learn how to developed my own photos in the dark room. After a few years, that camera was stored in my attic and forgotten. I focused myself on other important things, College, my Wife and having a Family. I kept taking pictures here and there with a point and shoot digital camera but nothing too serious. It was not until September 2015 when I received the most precious gift in my life, the day my daughter was born that the photography spark fired up again. I purchased a new camera the day we got home from the hospital and I started learning new things about photography and post production software on my own. I like to experiment, learn and play around with lighting, depth of field and post processing. The photo of my daughter below is one of those experiments that involves lighting, and post processing.
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